GuardNet - The Social Safety Network

Stay safe in the worldwide social safety network

In the event of accident, crisis or danger, send an emergency help alert to a network of people you trust through the smart, responsive new GuardNet app – and at the same time be on constant standby to help the people you care about if they ever need your help.

This ground-breaking new app will alert all the nominated guardians in a user-created personal safety network with a single press of a button, sending an SOS message to all the user's guardians and broadcasting the emergency location, while tracking the user's position if they are moving.

Peace of mind for you and those you care about

Get peace of mind for the people you care about, knowing that they can “panic button” you at any time they need to and let you know exactly where they are. And, while any situation is active, you and your guardians are all able see who is responding to the emergency, monitor the progress of the response and message the network with updates as events develop. (All users locations are only ever visible during an active alert).

It's the app we hope you don’t have to use – but one day it could just bring real emergency help to you, or someone you care about, when it is needed most.

Committed to your safety

GuardNet is committed to establishing the most trusted, reliable social safety network in the world. We've costed the app at the lowest price we can whilst enabling us to develop the service and keep it updated for your future safety. So we've made the app available for less than the cost of a Sunday newspaper. Giving you peace of mind for a full year.

Keep you and your loved ones safe, take 3 minutes to look at how GuardNet works

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Set-up guide

Be a Hero

There are times when you might just need help. Situations when a phone call won't work: the person doesn't pick up, you might not be able to talk, you might be disorientated or injured – perhaps you have been badly affected by alcohol, or perhaps you simply don't know your location. Emergency situations are unexpected, unpredictable and often happen in strange circumstances. The worst are life-threatening.

This is where the GuardNet app could, literally, be a life-saver. It creates networks of people who care about each other and gives them a way to look out for each other.

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Download the app, sign in, and nominate as many personal guardians as you like. The app will send a request to your nominated guardians, telling them that you would like to add them to your personal social safety network.

Your nominated guardians accept your invitation and are then added to your network. Then, all the while their phones are switched on, your guardians will be on standby to help if you ever press the GuardNet alert button on your phone. And you’ll be on standby to help them if they need you too.

Any time you do activate the alert button, the app sends an emergency message to all of the guardians in your network, telling them that you are in need of immediate help.

Once they respond, your guardians will be able to see your current location, and can choose to attend. All guardians in the network will be able to see who is attending the situation (likely whoever is closest) and, once attending, the guardian’s location also becomes live and visible on the map.

Your number one priority is the safety of people you care about. And their priority is your safety. Download the GuardNet app now, and help to ensure peace of mind for everyone.

The GuardNet app does not replace a call to the police, fire or ambulance services, and we would highly recommend alerting the emergency services as a first resort when appropriate.

Download GuardNet today, spread the word, and stay safe.


“It gives me great peace of mind to know that my wife and daughters can alert me any time they are in danger and let me know where they are.”

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Q: I want to be a guardian for my child but I don't want them to have the responsibility of having to be my guardian. Is this possible?

A: Yes, of course. You can simply have your child add you as a guardian for them. When you are asked if you want to invite them to be your guardian simply tap 'No'. You are not obliged to be both.

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GuardNet Screenshots

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Customer Testimonials

  • 5/5

    “It gives me great peace of mind to know that my wife and daughters can alert me any time they are in danger and let me know where they are.”

  • 5/5

    “My elderly mother lives quite close by, and as she gets a bit more fragile, it's good to know she can send an instant panic message to us all if she has a fall or feels frightened and we can respond quickly.”

  • 5/5

    “A great way to look after your mates and make sure that you're there for them if ever they get into trouble.”

  • 5/5

    “Amazing idea to have a personal network of trusted people available to call on if you get into trouble at any time now we can all look out for each other.”

  • 5/5

    “We once got separated from a friend on a hen night in a city we'd not been to before. Having an app like this on our phones would have been perfect for situations like that.”

  • 5/5

    “I've told my family and friends to get the GuardNet app on their phone you just never know what could happen, do you?”

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't forget to watch our instructional videos that will help you set up your GuardNet app as well as showing you how the app works in a live situation.

On registering

Q: How do I register?

A: The easiest way to register is by following the step-by-step instructions on the video.

Q: Can I have more than one account?

A: No, this is not possible as it would mean needing more than one GuardNet app on your phone.

Q: Do I use my normal email address?

A: You may use any e-mail you like. As long as your network uses the same email address to connect to you.

Q: How do I change my details?

A: On the Network screen you will find a tab labelled 'My Details'. If you tap on this you can edit you name and e-mail address. Once finished, tap on the 'Save Changes' button. Note: If you change your email address you will need to re-register and then set up your network again. You will not be charged again for this.

Q: I have not received the confirmation e-mail, what shall I do?

A: It may take a few minutes for the e-mail to come through to your e-mail account. Make sure you check your junk mail folder. If you've still not received an email, then try registering again.

Q: How do I find out my username so I can tell others, or if I have forgotten it?

A: On the Network screen you will find a tab called 'My Details'. If you tap on this you will be able to see your name and email address you used in order to register.

Q: My Blackberry keeps asking me to insert an SD card, but there is already one in the phone, what shall I do?

A: Sometimes if your phone is connected to your computer you will be asked to enter an SD card. This is not a fault. You simply need to unplug your phone from your computer and the the app should function normally.

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On inviting guardians

Q: Will the app work if I type in a friend's phone number who I'd like to invite?

A: No, you will need to have the email address of the person you'd like to invite. If this is already stored in your phone you can use the blue phone book tab to scroll through the contacts you’d like to invite.

Q: I have accepted an invite but it won’t clear off my invites screen, what do I do?

A: It may take a few minutes for this to work, but try the refresh button at the top of your screen.

Q: What happens if I have invited a friend but entered their details in incorrectly?

A: This is not a problem, simply re-enter the correct detail in the invite box. Delete the incorrect invite.

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On networks

Q: How do I create a network?

A: Once you have registered you will automatically be taken to the invites section and you will see a screen that asks for the e-mail address of a person you wish to act as one of your GuardNet guardians. Enter their e-mail address or tap the contact icons to nominate from your phone's address book. Select your contact and tap the invite button. An alert will pop up asking you to confirm the invitation; tap OK to send the invite. Once you’ve added your guardians, and they've accepted your requests, you can view and amend your network by pressing the network button.

Q: Does anyone I invite have to have the app in order to form a network?

A: The people you select to be your GuardNet guardians will have to install the app themselves to become one of your guardians; our server will provide them with an automatic email letting them know you have invited them along with a link to download the App. If you've bought the app after being nominated by a friend, their guardian request will show up on the invites page. Tap to accept the request, and you'll become a guardian for that person.

Q: I want to be a guardian for my child but I don't want them to have the responsibility of having to be my guardian. Is this possible?

A: Yes, of course. You can simply have your child add you as a guardian for them. When you are asked if you want to invite them to be your guardian simply tap 'No'. You are not obliged to be both.

Q: How do I remove someone from my network?

A: If ever you want to remove a guardian or someone you are a guardian for, press the edit button at the top of the screen then simply press the red delete button that appears next to the name of the person you want to remove.

Q: Is there a maximum amount of people I can have in my network?

A: No, however, there is always safety in numbers. We recommend having around ten guardians in your network.

Q: I want my family to have this app but I want to be able to pay for them to have it. Is this possible?

A: Yes, if your Friend or Family member uses an iPhone you can 'gift' GuardNet to them using your App Store account. If they are using an Android phone then you can not gift the App but you can buy a Google Play gift card which they can then use to purchase the App. Blackberry users will need to request the App through the “BBM mobile gifting platform” which you can find through your Blackberry Account. Windows users are unable to give or receive gifts at this time.

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On alerts

Q: Can I alert only one person in my network?

A: No, when you send an alert you notify everyone in your network.

Q: I have sent an alert, how do I know if my guardians have received it?

A: You will not know this until the people you have alerted have decided whether or not to attend the situation.

Q: Do I have to type something in the message box once I've sent an alert?

A: No, if you are unable to add details at that moment, don't worry, your alert has still been sent. Your guardians will still be able to find you even if you add no message at all.

Q: Can I make and receive phone calls or send Text messages whilst an alert is underway?

A: Yes. It is even possible to be on the phone to the dependant (on speakerphone) whilst monitoring their location.

Q: What happens if I accidentally press the alert button?

A: This is not a problem. Simply type in text in the message box to say, for example, 'False alarm!' Then press the situation over button on the map and wait for the guardians you have alerted to accept that the situation is over.

Q: Can more than one alert occur at the same time?

A: Yes. This is where you can use the monitor list facility which allows you to switch between incidents.

Q: How do I end an alert?

A: Tap the 'Situation Over' button. This will ask you to confirm that you would like the situation to be over. Press OK. A request alert will pop up to confirm the message has been sent. The app will only fully reset after two attending guardians have confirmed that the emergency is over.

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On monitoring

Q: If more than one alert is going on at the same time, how do I flick from one alert to another?

A: Use the monitor list facility which allows you to switch between incidents.

Q: I am attending a situation but I cannot see myself on the screen.

A: In the stream of messages below the text box you will see your name and confirmation that you are attending. If you tap on that tab it will show your location.

Q: I have lost my dependant/guardian on the screen. How can I locate them?

A: If you have lost your dependant, tap on the 'i' icon on the map. This will take you to the incident location. If you have lost an attending guardian, tap on their name in the message stream and it will take you to their location.

Q: Where do I find the postcode for the dependant?

A: Tap on the 'i' icon to find the dependant pin. Tap on the pin. This will show a blue notification tab with the name of the dependant; tap on the blue arrow and this will show an address and postcode for the dependant.

Q: The pins aren't moving. What does this mean?

A: This may mean that you are in an area with limited signal. Try the refresh button at the top of the screen to see if that helps.

Q: I cannot see any pins on the screen.

A: The GPS tracking system sometimes takes a few moments to locate the devices. After a short period you should see the pins appear. If you are indoors try moving nearer to a door or window.

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General queries

Q: What happens if I don't allow the push notifications?

A: The app cannot function without these notifications as we can not send you Alerts or messages through the app. Note that push notifications can only come at the speed of your provider and only if you allow them.

Q: What are push notifications?

A: Push notifications allow us to send information about any alert to you without you actively requesting it by opening the App. This allows you to receive an alert at any time without having to have the App open. This is a vital part of the functionality of GuardNet which is why it is so important to have this feature enabled at all times.

Q: I don't want to turn location services on, will the App still work?

A: No, without location services on we are unable to track your position. Without this feature the App will not work. Remember that you will only ever show your position if you send an alert or agree to attend an alert. GuardNet does not transmit your location at all times.

Q: Does GuardNet work when I'm abroad?

A: Yes, your GuardNet app works abroad when you have roaming switched on. Perfect for staying safe when travelling and on holiday.

Q: Can I change the alarm sound or volume?

A: You can change the volume settings on your phone, however, the alarm use for this app cannot be changed.

Q: Which platforms does the GuardNet app work on?

A: iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

Q: The HOME and PANIC screens are the same, is that correct?

A: Yes, this is what you should see.

Q: The app is running slow. What does this mean?

A: This may mean you are in an area with limited signal. Try the refresh button at the top of the screen to see if that helps.

Q: Will everyone in my network know my location at all times (in or out of an emergency)?

A: No, they will only see your location in alert mode, not otherwise.

Q: My young daughter had my phone and set an alert off without me knowing, is there any way I can set a password to stop this happening?

A: No, there is no password function on GuardNet. The reason for this is we want people to be able to send an alert quickly and easily when necessary. A password would make this more difficult. The best thing to do is to set your Screen Lock code on your phone to stop anyone accessing the App.

Q: Will using WiFi Networks help my GuardNet App to work more efficiently?

A: Yes it certainly will, and we recommend that you set your phone to automatically connect to the Wifi network in any place that you regularly visit. Such as Gyms, Airports, Restaurants, Work, Home etc.

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Useful advice on phone settings

In order for GuardNet to work at its best please take a look at the recommendations below for how to ensure your phone is set up for optimum performance.

General – all handsets

  • Wifi should be turned on
  • Data Roaming should be turned on
  • Location services should be turned on
  • Push notifications should be turned on
  • Keep you phone out of silent mode
  • Keep your volume at 100%
  • Your contract (or pay as you go) must include a data allowance in order for GuardNet to work properly.

Blackberry-specific information

  • When you first load the App you will be asked. “Would you like to grant GuardNet Trusted Application status?” You must respond 'Yes' for the app to function properly.
  • You need to set up the sounds for GuardNet.Enter Options / Sounds and ringtones / Profile Management / Select Normal (if that's the profile you use) / Scroll down to Other Applications and Select GuardNet / Pick your ring tone / Set volume to 10 / Count to 3 / Play Sound to Always / LED ON / Vibration On / Vibrate with ring tone ON and tick notify me during calls. Then click back and save.
  • You must have an active Blackberry services account for GuardNet to work properly.

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